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Oversized Blazer Look

Oversized love  ( For you definitely)

oversized blazer, bandana, boyfriend blazer, puma
2016 is definitely up to a great start ,I’ve made some changes in my life, small but definitely worth it (Hopefully I can share it with you in the future). 
boyfriend blazer, bandana
oversized blazer, puma sneakers, bandana
Believe it or not I got this oversized blazer for #500, one of the best buys I’ve ever made. 
Am I the only one who feels my mum’s things are mine too? She doesn’t think so ( please someone tell her she’s old so she can give me all her cool kicks) 
boyfriend blazer, how to wear a bandana as a tie
blazer, bandana, how to wear a bandana
The bandana was a last minute decision and I’m glad it works, what do you think?   
oversized black blazer, how to wear an oversized blazer
puma, oversized blazer
Checked out the songs you dropped from your playlist , glad we could all agree on one song. Listened to almost all of em, and added a few to my library.
(Sorry Evita I’m not a fan of Ed Sheeran but Kygo is cool and Grace agrees ) . 
Style formula : blazer + white shirt + jeans + sneakers. 
Lots of love 



    January 19, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    I tried to pull this oversized blazer look once, I felt good in it but then my cousins kept asking me if I don't know where to slimfit my sister dash me….
    Happy new year boo

    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      January 21, 2016 at 10:27 am

      Haha they are mean chai,girl as long as you feel good in it, this should inspire you to go rock it again. Happy new year hun.

  2. En_kay

    January 19, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    Oversized blazers are the best.
    Love them
    Well put together Sogie

    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      January 21, 2016 at 10:28 am

      Thanks dear

  3. Ijenna Osuji

    January 20, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    Excellent blog theme! I must confess, it's the bandana that caught my attention. And to think you added it as an afterthought! I buy my clothes withing that range too. Believe it or not, there's a green shirtdress post that's on my blog right now I bought 100naira!

    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      January 21, 2016 at 10:29 am

      Thanks dear, I'm so glad I added it. Cheers to great buys.


    January 20, 2016 at 1:31 pm

    i love this look and the bandana gives me a cowboy vibe. love the new template and the new name. glad you finally found one.x

    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      January 21, 2016 at 10:30 am

      Thanks a lot dear for everything

  5. Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde

    January 20, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    The bandana did come out perfect!! Totally loving this look

    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      January 21, 2016 at 9:51 am

      Thanks boo…xoxo

  6. Anonymous

    January 20, 2016 at 7:55 pm

    The look is nice, I love the sporty feeling.

  7. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

    January 21, 2016 at 10:37 am

    Thanks dear

  8. Evita O. Enwefah

    January 21, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    The bandana works! Love it. And the blazer is so cool for the price you got it. Great buy. Lol!I'm glad we all agree on Kygo though.

    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      February 2, 2016 at 2:33 pm

      I know right, yes he's kinda growing on me

  9. Buiti Christian

    January 22, 2016 at 11:46 am

    You know what I like about you, you remind me of me. You don't let you slimness affect you. You just want to always look good and that was me b4 I added abit. I love

    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      February 2, 2016 at 2:42 pm

      Aww thanks dear

  10. Sarah Enuwa Audu

    January 25, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    Love the oversized blazer and what a bargain, vintage for the win always. Not a big fan of the shoes though but the bandanna was a great last minute choice.
    Princess Audu

    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      February 2, 2016 at 2:34 pm

      Definitely one time the "take off the last thing you put on " didn't work.

  11. Sheren Mhanaya

    January 26, 2016 at 11:25 am

    Every woman needs an oversized blazer in her wardrobe. You really can't go wrong with it as you can dress it up or down simply by choice of footwear (i.e. trainers or heels). You look fab πŸ™‚ Xx


    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      February 2, 2016 at 2:36 pm

      A definite staple, thanks for stopping by dear

  12. DLeonaLife

    January 26, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    Someone pls tell my mum too. Lol. L the look. You are so dope.

    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      February 2, 2016 at 2:37 pm

      Thanks doll, I could tell yours you tell mine lol

  13. cielofronteras

    January 27, 2016 at 4:10 am

    The blazer makes the outfit look so smart! I love it!

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      February 2, 2016 at 2:38 pm

      Thanks hun

  14. Duru Adolphus Jnr.

    January 28, 2016 at 6:59 am

    Oh Soggie of Destiny! I dunno why eh! But i cannot just look at a picSHur of you and see ordinary! i just CaNNot! I mean look eh.. and all I is the future of modelling! iHappy πŸ™‚ You go gurll.. A world without limits.. Blessings!

    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      February 2, 2016 at 2:40 pm

      Duru your job is to be bursting my head. Thanks for the love dear

  15. Berry Dakara

    February 2, 2016 at 6:05 am

    THIS! YES! The blazer and bandanna! Love it! I would have worn mine with heels, but then again I'm not a sneaker girl at all.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      February 2, 2016 at 2:41 pm

      Haha I need to bring you to the other side (the sneaker side off course) thanks for the love.

    1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

      February 7, 2016 at 6:18 am

      Thanks hun

  16. Cara

    February 9, 2016 at 10:41 pm

    Hey girl, just stumbled on your blog, you're just gorgeous, and I'm loving the theme and minimalist feels of your blog, very cool! Also, I think the bandanna went well with this whole look. Love your style!

    New reader here!
    Love from Ghana

  17. Wumi 'Tuase

    March 15, 2016 at 5:21 pm

    I'm dying to try this bandana look yo! Oversize wears are so cool and the sneakers just gave me a 'me' vibe. Lovely.

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