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Well I shoulda brought a Cardigan, totally skipped me.
Heading to lagos right now for a few days, my first time in Lagos so I’m definitely stoked but hoping my already minute butt doesn’t flatten entirely from the ride.

My thoughts is moving with the bus so why not share
● Did I pack enough,  hope I didn’t forget anything.  Well hopefully not
● Why is this chair so uncomfortable, my butt will suffer
● Hope my vinegar and water mix works oh
●  No network to even put up this post sef , hmm do u still have data
● Did I pick the right outfit for the brunch , well I brought a backup.  Should i have brought more backups???? *sighs*
● Please I close the vent above me right? I can’t die of cold.
● Closed it (should I have left it open cos now I’m warm )
● I need something to do , I’ve been feeling too unfulfilled this days. Like I’m not doing enough.
●My biggest fear is living a life with regrets , not living my life to the fullest I can. Time waits for no one
● Looked at the window and imagined myself old lol and the only thing I feared was living unfulfilled.
● I need to schedule a life brainstorming and evaluation session
● My butt ooooo
● All I see Is grass lol
● There’s hold up now
● Awww scars to your beautiful just came up  (I’m on earpiece ) it inspired this post check it out here
● Have we even gone halfway cos my butt is aching  (11:21am)
● just realised I could start putting times on the thoughts lol, starting now.
● Let’s conserve battery music off, thankfully there’s good comedy on right now  (11:25am)
● A man wants to pee but there’s no stopping , I feel like telling him not to worry cos there’s something called micturition reflex (11:40am)
● He stopped , and I realise how men have it easier they didn’t have to wait for toilet
●Came down to stretch my leg, the pressure in my bladder is still low and that’s good. (11:54am)
● My butt feels way better (12:00am)
● Ondo state
● Reading (working the cloud ) (12:31am)
● Dozed off,stopped reading (12:58am)
●Just got too tired to document
● MFM (1:34pm) appeerently I’m still far and yes hold up
● Mad as hell (3:18)

Well that was where I ended and forgot bout it for a few days. Heading back to Benin so I guess I can continue lol.
Why was I mad ?
Well the park I entered lied, when I got there I requested for a bus heading to yaba park and they said ok.  I loaded the yaba bus , it even had a sign with yaba on it.
Got to lagos and apparently they don’t have a park in Yaba,  they never go to yaba.  A man in the bus was just aggravating the matter, saying how won’t we( I wasn’t the only one they lied to lol) know the bus doesn’t go to  yaba, he was shouting and saying a lot of crap.
The driver blatantly denied telling me they go to yaba. Thank God I wasn’t the only one so it won’t seem I was lying.
I was dropped at Jibowu where I took a bus to Yaba.

Trust me I know not to enter that line again, taking a different line for my journey back now.

Lack of posts, well I decided to take a break on my mini vacation lol but back to work as usual.

Watch this space cos I’m definitely going to be sharing my experience,  thoughts and everything I got up to in Lagos.

Let me take a sleeping position and hopefully my butt doesn’t suffer as much today lol.

Lots of love


  1. Kachee Tee

    August 23, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    Your first time in Lagos!!! Enjoy it. I'm tempted to ask what's micturiton reflex?
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  2. Cherish Ali

    August 26, 2016 at 3:49 am

    I enjoyed reading this. Laughing @man wants to pee but there's no stopping. I really felt that caause it almost happens when I'm on a road trip. You even stayed awake through th journey, I usually fall asleep and fall on the shoulder of the person beside me. I hope your trip to Lagos was enjoyable. My first trip to that city was not even funny.

    Eko o ni baje!

  3. Oseni Folakemi

    August 26, 2016 at 8:53 am

    Oh it was your first time in Lagos. I hope you enjoyed your stay though.

  4. tega enai

    August 28, 2016 at 10:48 am

    lol such a funny read. In my head everybody lives in lagos. so I'm always amused when someone say's its their first time. I hope you enjoyed your stay.
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  5. Praise Abu

    August 30, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    Funny how i actually enjoyed reading this. I travelled by road once from Lagos to PH. It was literally hell but also fun. My butt was iching and i couldnt stop asking my mum Are we there yet? I guess i'm not a fan of long drives or road trips.
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