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June 9, 2017


Bomber Jacket × All Black Look

I’m so tempted to drop some bomb quotes below each picture and go my way cos honestly it’s 4:45 am and the only thing on my mind right now is going to sleep before my mom wakes up “sigh”. I would put it off but then I doubt I would miraculously know what to write bout since I’ve been thinking for days. This look is basically the amped up version of this all black look here, just switched the cap for this hat and added the bomber jacket. This bomber is a great  ...

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2017 Books Update: Part 1

June is a very good time to update you on my “reading challenge” It’s the half way mark. If you recall in this post here I talked bout me getting my mojo back and reading more books this year. How have I done? January to May is basically 21 weeks and I’ve read 20 books aka 20 books in 21 weeks, it sounds good right? honestly, I think it’s a little disappointing. Not quite satisfied with it, the first thing I thought was damn that’s too low. The problem is  ...

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