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7 Ankara Styles You Need in Your Closet |Inspired by your favorite fashion blogger

Thinking of which Ankara styles to make next? Tired of scouring google images without finding any style you’d like to make? Well, you should meet Jennifer. Jennifer’s love for prints and Ankara pieces knows no bound In her words”The only time I got Ankara as a child was Christmas/New year and it was something I always looked forward to it because I would get the chance to go to the tailor and choose my own style. I absolutely loved it. Ankara makes me genuinely happy  ...

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In Our Sunday Best

Sunday is the day we bring out our best and get all dolled up for the Lord. Gone are the days of us sewing shirt and skirt, you know the whole outfit. These days we are more into Ankara shirts alone, Ankara skirts alone ….more into separate pieces. These Sunday I decided to burst out the big one *ankara skirt* and I decided to pair it with a simple black shirt. I went simple with my hair and makeup, just a big ass bun and red lipstick. My jewelry was kept simple as  well, a  ...

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